A Yank in the UK

April 1, 2012 8:49 pm

whyistherumgone replied to your post<span >: <em >And for tonight, a very American evening…

I hope you woke up today and sang your anthem? Can’t imagine how it feels for you, but I really hope I get to experience it the other way around soon! Also, I assumed you were here for an exchange, are you here studying permanently?

XD Anthem singing is for the fourth of July and baseball games, my friend. Are you hoping to go to the states on an exchange or on holiday? And I’m here for my undergraduate degree, so I’m here for another two years—more if I get a job here afterwards but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it! It’s a bit out of the ordinary for an American to be here for the degree, I know, although interestingly there’s another American girl on the English program who’s also here for her undergrad, so we’ve bonded a bit over that.

  1. whyistherumgone said: As for me? I’m applying for an exchange; applying for a summer camp placement and if I get the right grades and save up enough, might even look at grad school over there. But like you said, plenty of time till I reach that juncture!
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